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Professional Team

The experienced and reliable staff at Optimas Security are fully trained to ensure we deliver the highest standard of service.

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Products & Services

Door Supervisors
Retail/Corporate Security
Close Protection Bodyguards

Optimas Monitoring Services
Key Holding

Industrial/Construction Security
Mobile Patrols

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We work in several industries to provide a range of products and services designed specifically to meet the demands of each sector.

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Door Supervisors

Optimas Security will provide SIA Licenced Staff that will look after your clients whilst making sure your Venue is a safe place.



Optimas Security is a professional security company which is committed to delivering values of Strength & Establishment throughout our products and services.

Working with our clients we provide a personalised experience which is based on trust, safety and security.

Please contact us to discuss your current security requirements.

Why Optimas Security?

Optimas Security work to provide a safe and secure experience for our clients in a changing world. As society changes, so do the challenges facing business and individuals.

Using SIA Licensed Staff who are qualified and experienced professionals who uphold our values of strength and establishment we are perfectly placed to deliver a reliable, strong and secure presence.


“I have been using Optimas for a few months now. I needed security for one of my retail business in a rough area of Manchester. Optimas Security have worked with me in order to ensure that the standard of security and the staff is satisfactory.

The firm are professional and have a good understanding of the business requirements. I would recommend them and definitely use their services with other sites”

Neil. Nisa Local


Products & Services

  • Door Supervisors
  • Retail/Corporate Security
  • Close Protection Bodyguards
  • Industrial/Construction Security
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Optimas Monitoring Services
  • Key Holding


Contact Us

If you would like one of our team to contact you to discuss your requirement, please complete our enquiry form below.